Sales Management Training

Our sales management training is based on over 200 research studies that have examined and determined how to create a selling environment and manage salespeople in a way that produces Peak Sales Performance.

We all know that in sports, and in sales, when people are in a poor emotional state, performance suffers. Likewise, when people are in the optimal emotional state, they operate at their peak performance. We also instinctively know that what constitutes the right emotional state for peak performance varies according what activity an individual is participating in. For example, the ideal emotional state for a football linebacker just prior to the snap of the ball is quite different from the ideal emotional state for a professional golfer who is about to attempt a difficult 20-foot putt.


  • Do I know what that the ideal mental and emotional state is for selling?
  • Am I creating a selling environment that promotes this state?
  • When my salespeople have a bad call and are emotionally down, do they know how to change their emotional state from poor to peak before the next call?

Manager Courses and Mentoring

Managers learn in a personalized online learning environment that features courses designed to help them master the most effective management strategies and then track results as they implement these new strategies. Every step along the way, each manager is mentored by a sales management expert.

Rapid Adaptive Reasoning Ability

The Problem:  The research shows that the most effective salespeople have superior rapid adaptive reasoning ability – just like players on a competitive sports team. In a selling environment, this means the ability to do the following:

  • Rapidly evaluate what a customer says or asks
  • Select and accurately recall the right facts to incorporate in an effective response,
  • Call up the right selling skills at the right moment
  • Combine your understanding of the facts and skills in order to formulate a verbal response that moves the customer forward in the selling process. The problem is that this skill needs to develop in the brain over time and often takes months and even years to become ingrained.

The BrainX Technology Solution

As you can see from the research chart at the top of the page, the BrainX system uses patented technology to accelerate the development of rapid adaptive reasoning ability. These abilities, which usually take months or years to develop are formed in a matter of weeks with salespeople spending just 15 to 20 minutes a day in personalized simulation practice sessions.

JD Power and Associates, IBM, RICOH, , Audi, StoneStreet Capital, System ID, Northern Illinois University in their prestigious sales major, HON, The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, and many more use this technology.