Sales Skills Training

Our courses were developed by a distinguished group of industry leaders who represent the most respected and successful strategists and trainers in the world. Their knowledge and expertise is the driving force behind the BrainX Learning System, which combines practiced and proven sales strategies with a cutting-edge teaching methodology. Every participant is set up for success with a personalized training and course program that will help them achieve mastery.

Our team of experts include: Richard Ruff Ph.D., Janet Spirer Ph.D., Robert Neff Ph.D., Gary Milwit, winner of the 2013 AA-ISP Executive of the Year Award, and many more. Our clients also enjoy the benefit of our partnerships with nationally recognized organizations and leaders like the American Association of Inside Sales professionals and Jim Camp who provide cross-industry recognized certification programs.

Our approach to training is simple: take advantage of expert knowledge, utilize the latest information on teaching methods and learning and create programs that cater to the individual.

Your salespeople can rely on a single learning platform that identifies the best way to teach to their needs and reinforce new knowledge and skills. Finally, our program includes manager training so that they can serve as effective coaches and offer targeted support to their team. This comprehensive strategy means more effective and efficient training practices, more capable and satisfied employees and more profit for your company.