New Hire Training for Salespeople

When you let us put your Onboarding training material into our system, you will be amazed at how we can transform your old training program. We are so confident in our system, that we guarantee that for every 8 hours you currently invest to onboard a new salesperson, we will achieve the same level of training in 4 hours or less. Our system optimizes the delivery of the onboarding training to each salesperson and uses research-proven learning strategies that accelerate the learning process and allows us to make performance guarantees.

In addition to saving money on training, you will actually make more money because new sales people will be able to reach the point where they can carry the quota of an experienced salesperson much sooner. This is achieved through our patented technology that reinforces the course content in a way that accelerates the development of specific adaptive reasoning skills that salespeople need to become successful. It is this adaptive reasoning ability that allows successful salespeople to rapidly combine the right product information with the right selling skills to effectively respond in any sales situation.

We can also combine our knowledge of the most effective new selling strategies for your industry with your current onboarding content to create focused hybrid courses. Your salespeople will master information concerning your company’s products, services, and industry in context by combining that knowledge with new selling strategies used in real selling interactions, such as responding to objections.

In this set of courses and personal mentoring sessions that are guided by a recognized expert, salespeople will learn the latest, most efficient prospecting techniques, including: understanding the concept of a reference account, building an Ideal Customer Profile, using 3×3 research and social prospecting to target accounts, and developing a use case along with a hypothesis of need.

This course also includes robust tools for managers and others who oversee your new hire training. With the online Dashboard, each learner’s progress, competency achievements, test scores, time spent on coursework, and other critical metrics can be viewed and analyzed. In addition, managers and trainers are automatically notified when a learner submits assignments or activities needing a response. The system prompts the manager to provide effective feedback and coaching that is specific to the company’s products and services and provides guidelines for ideal answers and while also including confidence-building mentoring programs.