Mental Toughness Training

Warning signs that your team needs Mental Toughness Training:

1. Inconsistency: Salespeople who make outbound calls know what to do but they can’t get themselves to do it consistently.
2. Lack of Resilience: When your salespeople have a bad call or presentation, it negatively affects their performance on the next call or presentation.
3. Not challenging clients: Account executives can’t get themselves to ask their current clients the tough probing questions that they should be asking to hunt for additional business opportunities in their client’s company.
4. Management frustration: Management feels like they have hit a wall with the current sales team and can’t get beyond it to dramatically increase sales performance. 

How much would your sales increase if your salespeople always operated at peak mental and emotional efficiency and effectiveness?

Mental Toughness Training, long used by the most outstanding professional athletes, has everyday applications to the competitive field of professional sales. More than being in the “zone” every once in a while, Mental Toughness is about developing the skills to attain the optimum mental state and perform in the “zone” in any sales situation.

The skills taught in this course help salespeople recognize their own roadblocks and unlock their professional potential. They also learn to identify their internal motivators and then master a system for using these motivators to keep them consistently focused throughout the ups and downs of the typical selling day. They also learn to master the mental factors that are the foundation of the skills most associated with sales success.

Sales Managers benefit from Mental Toughness Training by learning the skills they need to manage higher level sales situations and to coach their salespeople as they take the Mental Toughness Training course. The outcomes are transformative for sales organizations.

Salespeople and sales managers taking the Mental Toughness Training course are personally mentored online by Certified Mental Toughness Trainers from Olympic Coach and Executive Trainer, Dr. Robert Neff’s team. Managers use the online Dashboard to monitor the interaction between each sales person and the Mental Toughness coach. The automated platform also provides managers with specific strategies to use in their own interactions with each sales person. This allows sales managers to go beyond asking about numbers to providing valuable individualized coaching.

We already had a good sales team. However, we felt that we lacked the edge that potentially could separate us in our very competitive market place. The results were clear cut. Creating a sales culture that promotes mental toughness and implementing the mental toughness training has shifted our normal sales person bell curve significantly to the right.

Gary Milwit

VP Sales

StoneStreet Capital