Business to Business Selling

Training topics

Effective Business to Business selling is complex and challenging. As you review the list of course topics below, ask yourself how many of your salespeople currently execute a flawless call with every client. Normally the number is far less than 30%, which means there is at least a 70% opportunity for sales performance improvement.

The courses we offer were developed by some of the most respected and successful strategists and trainers in the world so that you can capitalize on that 70% that is full of potential.

Training Topics

Planning the call

How to do effective research – LinkedIn and beyond

The research-proven steps to developing an effective set of questions

Effective deployment of your resources, including your team, to sell to all the individuals who represent your client’s team of decision makers

Planning the commitments you will ask the customer to make

Using the Blast verbal practice and feedback tools to rehearse key call items

This course includes access to our automated pre-call planning system, which saves time, improves results, captures best practices, and disperses them to the sales team.

Opening the Call

Gain agreement on purpose

Verify available time

Gain agreement to ask questions

What it really means to focus on the customer

Post-Call Actions

Do it now

Assess for improvement

Determine next steps


This course includes access to our automated Post-Call Analysis and Action system which saves time, improves results, captures best practices and disperses them to the sales team.

Asking Questions

Selling value: Ask effective question sets, actively listen and then talk value from the client’s perspective.

Using questions to understand the customer’s needs

Using questions to help the customer discover insights and needs they had not previously considered

Using questions as a consultative tool

Understand the myths and traps of improper questioning methods

Practice, practice, practice –the only way to sound natural, competent, and professional

This course includes access to our automated question builder and verbal practice system which saves time, improves results, captures the most effective questions, and disperses them to the sales team.

Establishing Credibility

Leverage company credibility

Develop personal trust

Become a trusted advisor

Understand customer expectations

Be knowledgeable about your product and your company

Active Listening

Test understanding


Build support

Clarify value

Optimizing Benefits

Sell targeted value, not simply products or general benefits

Align with customer needs

Leverage intangible benefits

Avoid the traps

Handling Objections

Stop creating objections

Acknowledge and clarify

Understand company capability objections

Minimize price objections

Obtaining Commitment

Close for commitment on every call

Move sales cycle forward

Understand myths

Remember commitments must go both ways

Team Selling

Build cohesion and trust

Plan as a team

Use a call manager

Avoid the talk time trap


Customize to each customer

Be ruthless about clarity

Plan Q/A session

Prioritize topics

Price Negotiation

Pre-empting price negotiation

Don’t negotiate with yourself

Understanding the real strength of your position

Using the Risk vs. Price Equation

Other price negotiation strategies

How to say no

Keeping it friendly